Némethy accountants providing full range of accounting services in debrecen, North-East Hungary

We offer professional and dedicated accounting, controlling and financial outsourcing services to our clients based on reliability, accuracy, and loyalty.

  • Accounting
  • Tax Issues
  • Controller / Part-time CFO
  • Financial outsourcing
  • Non-profit Accounting



Némethy Accountants provide full range of accounting services to the following business organizations:

  • Limited Company
  • Joint Venture
  • Limited Partnership
  • Sole trader

We eliminate the weight of preparing obligatory accounts towards local authorities so the directors can focus on successful profit making.


Balance sheet, P&L Profit & Loss preparation

Cash Flow analysis

General Ledger


Tax Issues

The right way of taxation could be challenging among high governmental standards. Némethy Accountants intend to save taxes on all possible legal ways to their clients. With continuous communication we inform them immediately about anticipated deadlines and changes in legislations regarding taxation, and business law so they are able to plan ahead and change their strategies in time if necessary.


Representation towards local authorities e.g. NAV

Assistance and immediate help

Continuous communication

Controller / Part-time CFO

If you as a director are experiencing a temporary vacancy due to turnover or short-term/long-term leave or need some assistance before cost-justifying a full-time employee, you may be in a position to hire us as a part time CFO/controller. Némethy Accountants can immediately fill the role in an uninterrupted way and carefully transition back to permanent replacement.


Experiencing Temporary Vacancy?

Integrating careful transition

Keeping Cost-Effective Strategy

Financial outsourcing

In our present one of the best ways of utilizing the advantages of globalization is Outsourcing. Relatively low cost countries and regions with available highly qualified Human resources -such as in North East Hungary- gives the excellent opportunity to integrate them into your business process. Without having these resources there is the possibility to lose competitiveness and profit on the long run. With experience in several years of multinational environment and international business we offer our financial outsourcing solutions with confidence to all over the world regardless of time zones our regions.


Full range of accounting services

High level productivity

Competitive pricing

Non-profit Accounting

We offer full range of accounting services to Churches, Sport organizations and local Non-Profit Organizations with full transparency or discreetness. We handle databases, track donations, and submit all obligatory accounts towards Hungarian authorities.


Experience in Non-Profit organizations

Donation tracking

Donor recording


  • Zoltán Németi


    Zoltán completed his MBA degree in 2010 also spent two semesters in The Netherlands as an MSc BA Finance student of University of Groningen specialized in risk & portfolio management. Besides being partly qualified ACCA he is also a finance graduate of IBS - International Business School Budapest. After working at TCS -TATA finance department and afterwards as an accountant at Helrik Chartered Management Accountants in London, UK he joined T-Systems in Hungary in 2013. He worked on several major accounts such as TUI, NSN, Yves Rocher and St Gobain also being part of Shell Global Account - Financial Management Team as a financial controller.

    E-mail: info@nemethy.eu

About us

Némethy Accountants is a small but dedicated company of accountant professionals based on the principals of reliability, accuracy, and loyalty. Our main service is accounting besides financial management and outsourcing.

Professional and personally customized accounting services on the top of Debrecen.

  • Concise & clear
  • Punctual
  • Relationships
  • Education
  • Our goal is to be as clear and concise with our clients as possible. By personally explaining tax laws and finances, the client’s knowledge and understanding will improve as well as their financial confidence moving forward.

  • A key factor in providing services is effective communication between parties. Communication with our clients is crucial to successful relationships and we are keen on keep clients informed on a regular basis to ensure completion within the necessary timeframe.

  • One of our main motivations is to have positive working relationships with each and every individual and small business we serve. We have a robust desire to see our clients succeed and we pledge to do all we can to assist in that.

  • Némethy Accountants are entitled to work as a registered chartered office. It is imperative to maintain the Accounting certification by adhering to its continuing professional education requirements. Our professional and educational background enables us to keep our quality standards high and serve our clients out of the very best of our knowledge.

How can we help?

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